Perceived Stress of Students During Online Learning

Online learning has become one of the most prominent global issues related to COVID-19, and many students who have never experienced an online learning program have been forced to adapt to a new system. The students perceive the program as stressful for a number of reasons, including limited networking facilities and social interactions. Some students described the stress with complaints of physical symptoms. One hundred seventy-seven (177) students participated in this research. 32 male students and 145 female students (age 17-23 years) responded to PSS (Perceived Stress Scale by Cohen et al, 1983), and results indicate that mostly freshmen (age 17-18) experienced moderate levels of stress, followed by sophomores (age 19-20). Moderate levels of stress were experienced by 69% of female and 71% of male students, and high levels of stress were experienced by 26% of female and 21% of male students. Most students did not report any medical problems; however, the most medical complaints related to their perceived stress were digestive problems (6.78% reported moderate perceived stress levels, and 3.38% reported high perceived stress levels). Qualitative data based on individual interviews have been included for further consideration.

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