Examining the Legislative Framework for Primary School Education Funding in Lahore Punjab Pakistan: Consequences for Access and Equity (78298)

Session Information: Education Policy & Education Development
Session Chair: Cristie Ann Jaca

Thursday, 28 March 2024 13:05
Session: Session 3
Room: Room 603
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation

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In order to guarantee equal opportunity in the educational system, this study aims to critically analyze the legal framework controlling funding for education in public primary schools. Policymakers, educators, and consumers must all understand the legal implications of funding systems as long as there are gaps in educational resources. The research utilizes a comprehensive methodology that encompasses legal research, policy evaluation, and data collection to understand the complex network of laws governing funding for public primary schooling in Lahore Pakistan. The study will examine current regional, provincial, and national legislation and determine how well they match with equality and accessibility standards. A particular focus will be on finding any possible gaps or contradictions that can unintentionally expand the educational divide. The study intends to uncover best practices and areas for development through an examination of funding structures across several jurisdictions, providing concrete recommendations for legal reform. Conduct interviews with public primary school teachers in Lahore to gain a deeper understanding of their perspectives on education funding laws, determine inequalities, teacher viewpoints, and suggest changes for fair financing for primary education. The goal of the study is to provide evidence for evidence based policy suggestions that support inclusive and equitable educational practices. In the end, this study aims to further the continuing discussion about education funding by supporting changes in legislation that put equality, accessibility, and the realization of each child's entitlement to a high quality education first.

Tajammal Hussain Awan, Superior University Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan
Muhammad Abubaker Malik, Abdali School System Lahore, Pakistan
Nadia Nasir, University Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan
Kashif Mehmood, University Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan
Abdul Rauf Awan, University Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan

About the Presenter(s)
Mr Tajammal Hussain Awan is a University Doctoral Student at Superior University Lahore Pakistan in Pakistan

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