Activity Theoretical Analysis of Affordances and Systemic Tensions: A Story of Developing Country, Nepal (78469)

Session Information: Innovation & Technology
Session Chair: Rebecca Tolentino

Thursday, 28 March 2024 09:15
Session: Session 1
Room: Room 704
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The COVID-19 pandemic affected numerous learners around the world including Nepalese school children. These children experienced educational disruption arising from long school closures. Among other various educational models practiced during the COVID-19 pandemic to minimise such disruption, the use of ICT in education played an instrumental role. While a limited number of studies explore the use of technology during the pandemic in Nepalese secondary schools, none have yet explored in any depth how ICT was used and what affordances, i.e. action potentials of ICT, teachers perceived and acted upon. This study uses activity theory and the theory of affordances as a conceptual and methodological framework to explore what systemic tensions emerged that further led to the realization of ICT affordances. Remote classroom observations, focus groups and interviews with a variety of stakeholders were analysed using an activity theory-inspired coding scheme. The analysis indicates that issues such as technological breakdowns, a shortage of good quality internet access at home, lack of engagement on the part of pupils, and limited digital skills of teachers hindered the success of teaching during the pandemic. However, in attempts to resolve these issues, educational stakeholders such as teachers engaged with new initiatives. Consequently, educational and technological affordances emerged. Analysis of these emerging issues and affordances sheds light on issues and concerns pertaining to educational disruption in crisis situations and aids the framing of educational policies in such contexts.

Sagun Shrestha, The Open University, United Kingdom

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Sagun Shrestha is a University Postdoctoral Fellow or Instructor at The Open University in United Kingdom

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