Actual State of Daily Life Accidents Before and After the Corona Disaster Based on Analysis of Emergency Activity Records of the Osaka City (78609)

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Tuesday, 26 March 2024 15:30
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As lifestyles such as refraining from going out change under the declaration of a state of emergency after 2020, we aim to compare and examine how accidents in daily life are changing, that is, in what places the elderly are causing more accidents during the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on Around 2020 (2017 to 2022). The number of exogenous transports was extracted based on emergency activity records of the Osaka City Fire Department. Exogenous causes here include trauma, drowning, gas, drugs, narcotics and stimulants, poisoning, oxygen deficiency, foreign body intrusion, accidental ingestion, and asphyxiation, which are classified according to the International Classification of Diseases established by the World Health Organization. Housing for the elderly includes special nursing homes, paid nursing homes, and rental housing with services for the elderly.
As a result, although the overall number of emergency operations has decreased since the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a slight increase in cases such as residences for the elderly. Compared to the same month last year, the change was from -20 points to +40 points, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of emergency transport cases for people aged 70 and older has increased since the coronavirus outbreak. Looking at injury and disease classification, for those aged 60-69, accidental ingestion and foreign body contamination increased by 6.4 points, while other closed injuries decreased by 6.8 points. "Other closed injuries" among people over 100 years old increased by 10.6 points before and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Tomoko Shigaki, Osaka University of Economics, Japan

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