Keith W. Miller


Keith W. Miller is the Orthwein Endowed Professor for Lifelong Learning in the Sciences at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, United States. In that position, he is partnering with the St. Louis Science Center. Dr Miller’s research interests are in computer ethics, online learning, and software testing. He is a past editor-in-chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. He was awarded the 2011 Joseph Weizenbaum Award in Information and Computer Ethics by the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT), and is currently the President of that society. He has been a principal investigator of grants from the US National Science Foundation to study the effects of ethics education for computer science students, and to encourage scientists to become teachers.

Keynote Presentation (2024) | Dealing with the New as We Get Old: AI, Aging, and Ethical Issues

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