Mathematics-Assisted Psychoanalytic Treatment of PTSD in an Autistic Woman: A Preliminary Report (76517)

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Friday, 29 March 2024 14:55
Session: Session 4
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A case study of a Thai woman who seeks psychoanalytic treatment for her OCD diagnosis via tele-counseling. Interpretation and dream analysis had been able to elevated some of the symptoms such as excessive guilt and intrusive flashes of sexual imagery. However, both the therapist and the patient found not much progress has been done after and the patient suffered the same symptoms. The therapist and the patient ran into each other by accident outside of session on one occasion and found that the patient might be autistic. Once the EEG scan and official diagnosis from psychiatrist confirmed that the patient has autism, new treatment plan has been implement. This new treatment plan consists of 1) mathematical logic education and homework 2) walk-and-talk therapy 3) hypothesis generating and testing by evidence 4) building trust through physical activity with the therapist 5) gathering evidence and hypothesis testing 6) creating structure. The patient reported change in typical mode of perception during social interaction outside of session only after 3 months of the new treatment plan such as no longer need to copy others in social interaction, better management of sensory overload, decreasing in fear of physical touch, and the ability to focus on social interaction without becoming overwhelmed by minor details. Since multiple psychoanalysts such as Bion and Matte-Blanco proposed the use of applied mathematics for psychotherapy, and the general knowledge about autism has been lacking in psychoanalytic theory. The author hopes to bridge the 2 gaps.

Kawin Kornthong, Independent Scholar, Thailand

About the Presenter(s)
Mr. Kawin Kornthong currently works as a counseling psychologist in a corporate setting and remains active
in private practice.
His interests include psychology of autistic population, mental health prevention, and psychoanalysis.

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