Exploring Bilingual Co-teaching in Elementary School (76562)

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Monday, 25 March 2024 15:00
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Co-teaching is defined as joint pedagogical work by two teachers who share the educational responsibilities of a group of students to achieve specific objectives at the same time and in the same space (Friend and Cook, 2007). Researchers have studied co-teaching bringing together a teacher and a specialist teacher in a regular class (Caron and McLaughlin, 2002), or decompartmentalization where several classes can be grouped together (Castle, Baker Deniz and Tortora, 2005). In a previous study, we studied co-teaching where a remedial teacher comes to co-teach in a regular class (Dubé, Cloutier, Dufour, Paviel, 2020). To date, no study has been conducted on the co-teaching carried out when an English teacher and a French teacher co-teach to teach literacy.
In the present study, teachers from two elementary schools set up co-teaching in literacy by pairing two classes of 2nd grade and two classes of 4th grade of elementary school. This school board includes in regular classes all students with disabilities and learning difficulties; the two participating schools provide 50% of teaching time in French, in an English-speaking environment, which constitutes an additional challenge for the students, as well as for the teachers. This pilot study aims to achieve the following objectives: 1. Describe the inclusive school context and the needs of students in participating classes; 2. Describe the co-teaching practices planned and implemented by the teachers. The facilitators and obstacles will also be specified, in order to help and guide other schools wishing to set up co-teaching in the classroom.

France Dube, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada

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Professor France Dube is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at University of Quebec at Montreal in Canada

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