Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-native Chinese-Speaker Teachers: Local Mandarin Chinese Instructors’ Perceptions in Botswana (76650)

Session Information: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics
Session Chair: Damaris D E Carlisle

Friday, 29 March 2024 11:15
Session: Session 2
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The teaching of Mandarin Chinese was first introduced in Botswana through the Confucius Institute in 2009. Two years later, University of Botswana introduced Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chinese Studies which offers both language and non-language courses. The Chinese Studies Programme staff consists of native and non-native Chinese Speaker teachers or instructors. However, there has been a lack of research in exploring the advantages and disadvantages of non-native Chinese speaking instructors in Botswana. The article seeks to investigate local instructors’ perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching Mandarin Chinese as a non-native Chinese speaking teacher. Data was collected through questionnaires with 8 local Mandarin Chinese instructors. Content data analysis was conducted and main themes that emerged from interview transcripts were categorized. Results show that the perceived advantages of local teachers include using native language to explain some Mandarin Chinese concepts better, motivating students’ learning by serving as role models, understanding students’ learning difficulties and having the ability to empathise with students and offering strategies to overcome students’ challenges in their journey of learning Mandarin Chinese. The disadvantages include, the accent may differ from standard Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, possibility of making mistakes especially with tones, writing characters not easy, long class preparation time, and not being deeply rooted in Chinese Culture as native speakers. The study also includes the strategies employed by local Mandarin Chinese instructors to overcome challenges they encounter in teaching.

Duna Raletsatsi, University of Botswana, Botswana

About the Presenter(s)
Ms Duna Raletsatsi is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at University of Botswana in Botswana

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