Exploring the New Normal: A Qualitative Study on Student Engagement, Technology Access, and the Experience of Online Learning in Post-Pandemic College Education (77894)

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This study digs into the evolving field of higher education, particularly in the wake of a significant transition to online learning triggered by the global pandemic. Employing qualitative research methods, it incorporates comprehensive literature reviews, informal stakeholder interviews, and observational analysis of the virtual learning environment. The research aims to unearth nuanced insights into various facets such as student engagement, technology accessibility, and the overall online learning experience in the post-pandemic educational milieu. The findings underscore the imperative of innovative strategies, emphasizing the need to prioritize student well-being, enhance accessibility, and maintain learning quality in the digital era. As the higher education sector grapples with the challenges of adapting to this new normal, the study makes a significant contribution to ongoing dialogues by providing a foundation for substantive discussions on the future direction of college education. The methodology includes a rigorous analysis of existing literature, stakeholder interviews, and observational techniques for qualitative data collection. The results underscore the need for adaptive strategies to create a conducive online learning environment, highlighting the crucial role of technology in shaping student experiences. Moreover, the study stresses the urgent need for proactive measures to address the diverse challenges in the post-pandemic higher education landscape. Overall, the study serves as a comprehensive guide for institutions and practitioners striving to enhance the effectiveness and inclusivity of online learning in the current educational paradigm. This is a compelling narrative of the educational sector’s resilience and adaptability, thriving and innovating even in these unprecedented times.

Edgar R. Eslit, St. Michael's College, Philippines

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Dr Edgar R. Eslit is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at St. Michael's College, Iligan City in Philippines

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