Experiencing Empathy Through Heartstopper: A Qualitative Study (78593)

Session Information: Primary & Secondary Education
Session Chair: Eric Mensah

Friday, 29 March 2024 13:30
Session: Session 3
Room: Room A (Live Stream)
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation

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The purpose of this research was to further explore how learners described their experience of empathy while watching a show with LGBTQ+ characters and themes as secondary school students. The present study was made up of grade 10 students describing their experiences of watching a tv series with LGBTQ+ characters from their perspectives. The target population for this study was grade 10 students, ages 15 and 16, living in Japan. Thirty-one students participated in the this present study and filled out the reflection survey. The research methodology was generic qualitative inquiry and data was collected through a survey. Upon grouping the survey responses 10 themes emerged. These themes can be summarized as follows:
Related to Characters/Content, 2. Enjoyed Watching the Show, 3. Felt an Emotional Connection to the text, 4. Learned about LGBTQ+ Struggles, 5. Felt LGBTQ+ Deserve Respect, 6. Think LGBTQ+ Texts Belong in Classroom, 7. Believe LGBTQ+ Texts Helps Against Homophobia, 8. Found Show Applicable to Their Lives, 9. Discussion was Important, 10. Changed Opinions About LGBTQ+ Community

Shawnee McPhail, Gunma Kokusai Academy, Japan

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Shawnee Mcphail is a School Teacher/Instructor at Gunma Kokusai Academy in Japan

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