Overcoming Barriers to Worklife Extension: The Experience of Older Philippine Women (78734)

Session Information: Aging and Gerontology
Session Chair: Beatrice Oi-yeung Lam

Friday, 29 March 2024 09:00
Session: Session 1
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This qualitative study examined strategies older Philippine women use to overcome barriers to extending their working lives. Female labor force participation rates in the Philippines are among the lowest in the ASEAN region. Unemployment is particularly acute with older women, only 37.4% are employed. Women face many barriers to participation including traditional reproductive roles, occupation segregation by gender, education, and geographic location.
Thirteen professional women, recruited by word-of-mouth, were interviewed (mean age = 66) about their experiences in changing careers or employment after 55 years old.
The majority of the respondents had at least a college degree and were formerly mid-to-executive level professionals in government or private corporations. A change in family circumstances (i.e., parents needing care, death of parents or spouse); in government administration (i.e., respondents with political appointments), or development projects that had come to an end were the main reasons for a change in employment. At the time of the interviews, respondents were full-time employees (3), entrepreneurs (2), worked short-term contracts (5) or volunteered (1). Respondents took contract work, worked for international agencies, or became entrepreneurs, to circumvent age-based mandatory retirement laws. They selected jobs they had experience with, that had an altruistic outcome, were interesting and/or convenient, and met their caregiving obligations. However, they perceived few jobs were available to them, and reported both blatant (e.g., being denied a job because of age) and subtle (e.g., need to appear young) age discrimination.
Economically-advantaged women face many barriers to extending their working lives.

Christine Unson, Southern Connecticut State University, United States
Daniella Pila, Southern Connecticut State University, United States

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Christine Unson is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University in United States

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