Would You Consult Psychological Professionals About Your Own Problems? Part 8: Analysis of the Questions Posted in the “Concern About Child-Rearing” Category on a Community Q&A Website. (78825)

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Introduction: One of the factors contributing to the meager consultation rate with psychological professionals in Japan is the societal belief that quick and anonymous online consultations are appropriate even for psychological problems. In a previous study, we extracted consultation categories that are appropriate or possible for consultation with psychological professionals from the questions posted on a representative community Q&A site and examined the content of the questions through text mining (Fukui & Sawada, 2023; Sawada & Fukui, 2022a, b, 2023a-d). This study analyzed the questions from the "concern about child-rearing" category posted on this community Q&A site.
Methods: We used 9,531 questions from the "concern about child-rearing" category of the Yahoo! Chiebukuro data (3rd edition) provided by LY Corporation (2022, 2023) through the IDR Dataset Service of the National Institute of Informatics.
Results: Text mining was conducted with KH Coder (Higuchi, 2020). Co-occurrence network analysis identified eight co-occurrence networks: (1) concerns about breastfeeding, (2) concerns about the child's low weight, (3) concerns about preoccupation with breastfeeding, (4) concerns about sleep deprivation, (5) concerns about challenges associated with having more children, (6) concerns about toilet training, (7) concerns about the difficulties of parenting, and (8) concerns about weaning food and meals.
Discussion: The results showed that many questions posted in this category could be recommended for consultation with psychological professionals.

Kai Sawada, Konan University, Japan
Yoshikazu Fukui, Konan University, Japan

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Graduate School of Humanities, Konan University

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