The BETA Module in Action: An Empirical Study on Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills Through Kearney’s and Bloom’s Guiding Principles (79195)

Session Information: Higher Education
Session Chair: Que Anh Chung

Friday, 29 March 2024 12:40
Session: Session 3
Room: Room C (Live Stream)
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This study addresses the critical role of entrepreneurial education in shaping future innovators and agents of change, with a focus on the integration of two seminal frameworks: Kearney's "4 Principles of Entrepreneurial Pedagogy" and Bloom's "Three Domains of Learning." Central to the study is the Business Essentials through Action (BETA) module, designed to integrate Kearney’s experiential, learner-centred techniques with Bloom’s cognitive domains, thereby enhancing entrepreneurial skills. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, the study encompassed 235 students, dividing them into two groups: 118 in the BETA module and 117 in a traditional curriculum. Their entrepreneurial competencies were assessed using the Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PEC) questionnaire, focused on traits such as risk-taking, persistence, and opportunity-seeking. Complementing this quantitative data, qualitative insights were gathered through structured interviews with students and focus group discussions with six lecturers. These conversations explored the perceived effectiveness of the BETA module in nurturing students’ entrepreneurial abilities. Preliminary findings indicate a substantial improvement in entrepreneurial skills among students in the BETA module. This suggests that the integrated educational approach employed in the BETA module is effective and could potentially inspire a paradigm shift in educational practices. The research contributes to understanding how Kearney's and Bloom's frameworks can be effectively combined to cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets and skills. By offering a detailed, mixed-methods analysis of the integration of these educational frameworks, the study highlights their role in creating more engaging and practical learning environments in higher education. These findings suggest a promising path for the global evolution of entrepreneurial education.

Edwin Seng, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Yen Yen Tan, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Lynn Lam, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Cynthia Lam, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
Angela Koh, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

About the Presenter(s)
Edwin is a Senior Lecturer and Lead Academic Mentor at the School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic

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