On Being Tolerant and Acceptant to Survive Life Changes

Every person needs to adjust to life changes in order to survive. Changes may create conflict. Conflict is the arousal of two strong motives within a person and can not be solved together. Festinger (1957) concluded that conflicting situation created discomfort leading to dissonance. In field theory, Lewin (1935) had previously mentioned that in various conditions people had to deal with multiple approach-avoidance conflict. In modern society such conflicting situations remain, and people are being challenged to change their behaviours, attitudes, and sometimes their beliefs in order to get adjusted and survive to live in the society. Tolerance (Fish, 2014) and acceptance (Fish, 2014; Taylor, 2013) are two key aspects people need to use to deal with such conditions. However, the process of being tolerant and ability to accept conditions is enduring and often needs painstaking efforts. This paper discusses the challenges on being tolerant and acceptant toward conflicting situations for people to remain survive in dealing with life changes.

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